Sunday, November 12, 2006


My name is Alan Lupiani and I am looking for at least twenty outgoing, funny, and outrageous people to help me with a FUN FLASH MOB event before TRL @ MTV promoting TOM GREEN LIVE, a new LATE NIGHT INTERNET TV SHOW, this Thursday, 11/16 @ 2:00PM-3:30PM. This is an unpaid voluntary event. It will be FUN!! The event will be postponed if I cannot get enough folks involved so bring three friends and spread the word. Please send me an email ASAP @ letting me know that you will be participating so I can verify the number of people involved. Hope to see you soon!

Here is an ENDORSEMENT from TOMGREEN.COM asking me to put together this FUN FLASH MOB EVENT...

"...Well at first glance, I feel that there has not been a MOB formed yet. Looks like in the forum Alan Lupiani from New York City gets the idea however. Here's what I think. I was reading in the NYC MOBS forum, and it looks like people still don't know what to do. But here's what I think. We should figure this out, and kick off the first big mob, in New York City. Widely thought to be one of the greatest cities in the world.

I personally think Alan Lupiani, and Max Miller need to join forces. Here's the thing. You guys meet at Sbarros, get a slice of pizza, go around with a bunch of dumb posters. Get a crowd. Maybe do it outside MTV during Total Request LIVE. Be nice, we like MTV at the channel. Do they still do that show TRL?

Anyway, Alan, Max... the whole point is to get some cool video of this. We then will put the video on the channel. Even if it is just you and MAX, and about 20 or 30 students that ya gather up at some NYU function or whatever, you guys supply the signs. And, you GET THE VIDEO!!! That would be cool video for most of the people at the channel, ya see? Just being down in Times Square, and shooting some funny footage at MTV or the Today show with some dumb signs, like "Meridith Viera Rocks! So Does!" Except you do the Meridith Viera sign, at MTV, just to be goofy. And then you post the video in your deputy blog. And I call Robert, and he puts it up on the channel.

Now of course, that will kick things off! See. So then Alan Lupiani and Max Miller, would then be responsible for the historic, and first, The Channel flash mob. And that, my friends, would be one for New York City.

Or is it gonna be Matt Chin in Toronto? It's anyones guess.

Let me know when something cool happens. But I think my main point is, don't worry how small your "mob" is. Just get some funny video, trying. If you pull off twenty folks with signs. Well, then you are really funny. And it will go on the channel, immediately. Lets have some fun, be nice to people, you are representing the channel here. So keep it cool out there on the streets of the world.

My guess is, the first good "fun mob" video will be from either Toronto, or New York. But again, I have been suprised before."

Jack Cooper - The Sheriff
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