Saturday, March 24, 2007

An Artist climbs "Mt. Everest."

Alright, let me begin by saying that I am not a disgruntled artist in any sense of the word. I am 41 yrs. old, have taken my time to figure out what my art means to me, have surveyed the NYC art world and am now setting up a serious position/strategy to leave my mark. I currently have established a weekly on-line LIVE!! webcast talk show called, "Dear Immaculately Groomed Italian Guy" which airs on Sunday Evenings @ 8PM EST - 5PM PST. My show is FEATURED on the FRONT page of, or you can see the show here at my blog STUPIDSHITE. Besides taking phone calls from all over the world, I collect numerous layers and fragments from this on-line LIVE!! talk show, including video from the show, audio, text chat video, and photographs. I literally have enough material on a weekly basis to do a one-person show EVERY WEEK!

All this being said, I am now left with the challenge of penetrating a highly institutionalized art world that is inter-laced like La Cosa Nostra. More than a few ELITE Academic Institutions, Art Galleries, and Museums have formed bonds, "tighter than a Boa Constrictor getting ready to squish a baby lamb for din-din!" I do not have an MFA from a highly esteemed university, nor have I scratched the surface to market myself and find a gallery/museum to exhibit my work. OK, OK, OK, I understand, all of you "psuedo haters," "high-minded culture whores," and "non-believers" alike, that the responsibility is MINE and MINE alone. Perhaps I have been intimidated or just not focused enough, well, those days are over.

The journey has just begun. Yes, the theme from "Rocky" has settled into my brain, "heavier than a Richard Serra sculpture" and visualizations of an "Alan Lupiani Retrospective" at all the major NYC art museums, burns fresh in my "mind's eye." Also, funny thing, a lyric from the band "Faith No More," just popped into my head, "What Is It?"

Let me digress for a minute....FUNNY "Art Moment" of the day.


I just called P.S. 1(PUBLIC SCHOOL #1) to inquire if the museum has any LIVE! web-cast streaming programs for artists. In short, the very kind person on the other end of the line stated, "No, we do not take SOLICITATIONS from the PUBLIC." HA HA, this just struck me as funny...especially the use of the word "PUBLIC."

My last thought of the day on this topic. Is it not possible, in the light of professionalism, specialization, and in general, the intellectual "minting" of artists by academies, galleries, and museums, that the "world of art" may be missing a poetic moment or two? I guess it's not a perfect world by any stretch, and I too would like to make a living from my work. It just seems that there may be a way to "spring loose" a few more buried "utopic" like moments if we can take a closer look and identify the "myopic" qualities of an art "system" that appears more like a FORTUNE 500 conglomerate, than an open, flatter, environment more suitable for all kinds of "exchange" possibilities.

Remember to TUNE IN tomorrow night, SUNDAY @ 8PM EST - 5PM PST LIVE!! on the FRONT PAGE of WWW.STICKAM.COM for,"Dear Immaculately Groomed Italian Guy" with RISING STAR GUEST, JAMIE GRECO!!


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