Monday, August 13, 2007

Writing Again - New Music

Alright folks, I am no longer going to fight my writing instincts because I think I have interesting things to write about. In case you do not know, I am a multi-media artist living here in NYC for 10+ years and have been honing my artistic skills in many different disciplines in hopes that I can offer a wide ranging "artistic commentary." My interests are: the visual arts (painting, drawing, installation), video documentia (pop culture), music (world music), comedy, and political satire, not necessarily in that order.

Here are a few muscians/bands that I find interesting as of late. There's a young guy playing a serious guitar out of the South West named Nick Sterling. Nick has reawakened the great guitar Gods of the 60's and 70's such as Eddie Van Halen, Randy Rhoads, and yes even Jimmy. The dude is a child prodigy that appears to be totally committed to his craft. If you go to his myspace page @ you will quickly see/hear what I am talking about. This 17 yr. old just may have been abducted by aliens. (He's not too far from Roswell, New Mexico.) Nick not only looks the part of a superstar, he makes all the right moves on stage and plays with a virtuosity that occurs a few times in a decade. It also makes me think that Nick has chosen his profession too soon in life. He has been playing since around age seven, so perhaps someone of his caliber might want to look at other possibilities in life, like being a paleontologist or a fireman. Anyway, it will be interesting to watch/listen to this young man as he develops and his career takes flight.

Secondly, I happened to find, "Wax Machine," from a response to one of my Ads on Craigslist, and quite honestly, I am blown away by this bands originality and contemporary sound. This NYC band blends hip hop, soul, r & b, rock, and please excuse me if I missed anything, into a type of HIP world music, which is a bit more than let's say Lenny Kravitz. The Beastie Boys come to mind as well. Give a listen to their singles on myspace @

Ok, I am getting tired already…so I will end this blog entry and hopefully will be back here soon with another entry. Laterzzzz.


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