Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Rappin with Myself..."Rippin the New Rhymes"

Rippin new rhymes
like no other
If you don't believe me
go ask your baby brother.

Other MC's travel the world
far and wide
I stay right here at home
until y'all got no where to hide

Listen up all you rooks and crooks
who are bustin out all yo punk ass shitz
it's fourth and ten
and here comes an all out blitz.

Don't ax me no favas
When you ain't go no flava
throwin that round house
like minnie mouse.

I'll case your joint
and still make my point
on my own sweet time
without doin no crime.

Have a good day
let me show you the door
do your homework
do your chores

Next time you come around
when your are ready to throw down
just remember
you will never take my hard won crown.


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