Thursday, August 07, 2008

Brett Favre to run in NYC Marathon!!

For Immediate Release:

Recently acquired NY Jet quarterback Brett Favre will get the opportunity to realize another dream while quarterbacking the Jets this season, competing in his first NYC marathon! Confidential sources have told "the Alan Show" that the NY Jets will allow Favre to train for the NYC marathon while starting at quarterback for the Jets this season. Favre found enough time while visiting NYC today to take a quick tour of the marathon route. When pressed about this development, Favre stated frankly, "Look, I am 38 years old, this has been a life long ambition of mine, and I wanted to do this while still starting as a quarterback in the NFL. I have already won a Superbowl and some MVP awards, now my goal is to accomplish something that has never been done before in sports."

The Jets were aware of this demand by Favre and were willing to, "look the other way," as Jets management desperately wanted Favre on board to establish a "new face" for the franchise. Remember, the Jets just spent $142 million this off-season to upgrade their roster. In addition, pre-order sales for limited edition, "Number 4" Favre Jets jerseys, selling for $400.00 each, are flying off the shelves. An unnamed source within the organization was quoted as saying, "Look you have to make the doughnuts some way, having Brett here is a huge marketing boon for the NY Jets. Selling that Number 4 jersey alone will pay off all our debt for free agency acquisitions."

Although the NYC marathon takes place on Sunday, November 2nd when the Jets take on league rival Buffalo Bills, a source close to the team stated, " We are100% committed to Brett's goal to compete in the NYC marathon and we are willing to give Kellen Clemens a start against the Bills to show what he can do. Overall, this is a minor concession when it comes to working with Brett, and after all, it's the Bills we are talking about here."

Also looking to cash in on the recent Favre trade, mega giant shoe maker, Nike, will run a new series of, "Brett knows Football and Brett knows NYC marathons" ads. These ads, based on the famous Bo Jackson, "Bo Knows Best" ad campaign, will feature Favre, in full NY Jet pads, dodging NYC rush hour traffic, then hurling a football over the Verrazano Bridge to the waiting arms of last year's 2007 NYC Marathon Women's champion, Paula Radcliffe from Great Britain. After Radcliffe catches the ball, she will turn to the camera and say, "Brett Favre knows how to win Superbowls, in traffic, and I know how to win the NYC marathon. Together we can take on the world!"

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