Wednesday, November 28, 2007

"I Ain't Now Felix Unger!"

"Rapping to Myself Anthology" (continued)

I ain't no Felix Unger
not fightin world hunger
nor am I Jimi Hendrix
or Nikki Sixx

Just a lonely ole school rapper MC
who got the blues
don't push my buttons
or I'll blow my fuse

Itty bitty MC
standing by your mic
look me in the eye
pull the trigger
and let your shitzzy fly

Don't let them tell ya any different
some bullshit story
a "how to guide"
for livin life on the flip side

When your doin A-cappella
Let me tell ya young fella,
bring your best
or I'll lay ya down to rest

The vinyl's all done,
thought the party had just begun
I guess I was wrong
Don't worry
It aint my swan song.


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