Thursday, November 29, 2007

Space Rapper-Nut

Rapping to Myself Anthology (to be continued)

"Space Rapper-Nut"

Give me that mic
lets get this party started
jump into my rocket ship
and let's take a
seven year trip

David Bowie had it right
when he sang that tune
"Space Oddity"
That diddy was live, real
and full of electricity

All you new playas
both the talented and the lame
Y'all cannot hit that mark
and to be honest
it's a gosh darn shame

When you become
a Space Rapper-Nut
just like me
your material best not be hack
or up in the Matrix
like some half assed disco track.

When you start orbiting my planet
You best be snappin
with some original bizzarial

or else I will unload my
lyric missiles
on your weak ass material.


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