Thursday, November 29, 2007

Le Tigger

"Rapping By Myself" Anthology

Listening to all these
uber cool
techno-spoofy hipster bands

haha, damn!
steppin on more bubble gum
I'm buggin,
about the lack of lyrics
heck, you can sing about
green eggs and ham!

Overall, it's kind of fun
the music has a kind of a overall groovy hum.
Oops, I didn't mean to trip
over that rich kid's
billyburg bum!

Have you ever heard of the band Le Tigger?
A boutique style band ya know
Kind of like their music
makes you dance too and fro.
It's amazing, it makes you wonder
what can get done with a drum machine
and a lead singer that shouts "SEE YA LATER!"

What's good all Ivy League MC's
as long as you got that booty shakin vibe
I'm down with it
No matter how glam
You can be a part of my fam.


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