Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New Rap - Immaculate Tomato

I love to cook
that ain't no secret
I am the Immaculate One,

Italian descent
is my main ingredient.

Now that you all be standing around
gonna tell ya how to get down,

In the kitchen that is
after all, this is show biz.

Stop all your whining,
get ready for some fine dining.

Today I have an Immaculate Tomato
full of flavor, no need for bad behavior.

Slice the tomato thin
we're gonna keep it raw.
No worries
the tomato is rich in vitamins and flavor
it's got no fatal flaw.

I use it in all my favorite dishes,
sauces, and all that is delicious.

Forget the barbeque grill and
all that heavy stuff
staying away from all that fancy fluff.

Just lay down some olive oil
couple sprinkles of oregano

That will do the trick
no need to put on a show
You might need to add a sprinkle of salt.

Don't overdue it with the salt
it will bring everything to a halt.

The salt is for added flavor
more for you to savior.

Oh, and one last thing,
take out the balsamic vinegar
an added dimension for your taste buds.

Just a pinch of vinegar, drizzle it
over the Immaculate Tomato slices,
yes we are trying to avert
a junk food crisis.

Now you're ready to eat
a gourmet dish prepared in a heart beat.

Just to review...
Cut the Immaculate Tomato in thin slices,
drizzle a lil olive oil and vinegar,
here comes the oregano and salt
mix those two together.

Throw a pinch onto the tomato
drizzle the vinegar and oil.

Eat it raw
this fresh delightful treat,
heck you just might get addicted
to my Immaculate cooking feat!


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