Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Saga of Most Doofus

"Rapping by Myself" Anthology (con't)

There once was a rapper
rhymin all serious and strong minded
until he found out
he was rich and proud
just like the folks he
was dissin

What a dilemma he found himself in,
he would ask...
"How do I rap about my
own wealth and fortune
and stay true
to THE situation?"

"I can talk about my cars
my women
my houses
all that's goody
whatever adds
to my big fat booty?"

Until one day
that booty got so big
Most Doofus
started given it away
to make his heart feel
like it had not gone astray

But in the end
Most Doofus could not
escape his own dilemmas
He would ask?
"How do I put down certain peeps
and place myself above all others?"

So goes the saga
of a rapper
named Most Doofus,

May he find peace
may he find distance
from his own present existence.


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