Monday, January 28, 2008

Democrats Sprint to Primary Polls in Big Numbers While Republicans Sit at Home Eating Chips and Drinking Beer!

The race for the Democratic presidential nomination,
no need for an explanation,
it's taken me over with fascination.

It's generating intense scrutiny
especially among the party’s significant others.
It's more exciting than the Republican contest,
where everyone just sits around and shudders.

In the first four primaries in which both parties took part,
the Democrats have set records
their turnouts have been off the chart.

Democrats know how to raise alot of cash,
looking to make a very big splash.

Wait until November,
The Democrats are looking to get "ill"
They say they will win this election based on their own "free will."

Democrats say their peeps far and wide,
are tired of Bush
and ready for a change on the flip side.

Lots of Republicans diss Democratic energy,
won't back down to their natural enemy.

"Just wait until November" they say,
"That's when we'll be ready to "make some hay.""

"Eight years is a long time for Democrats to be out of power,
no need to "panic and run,"
We're just kicking back, getting ready to have some fun."

When the Republican nominee emerges
it will re-invigorate the entire Republican Operation
They will be ready to roll, literally, to every neighborhood poll.

Republicans swear that Democrats are split beyond repair
say it will doom them, too much internal "truth or dare."

Democrats say they are just challenging each other,
alot of bluster and hot air.
In the end, when they have their nominee,
know one will care.

Democrats like the turnout,
they say it gives them much needed pre-election clout,
better than sitting at home with a sad lil pout.

It's better to have a bunch of energetic voters,
than a bunch of boring voter-teetotalers.
Rather have an all out Democratic bar room brawl
Than a quiet quaint meeting at the local town hall.


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