Saturday, January 26, 2008

My Mind is a Thought Balloon

When I get ready to do my thing
when I get ready to burn, when I get ready to sting

I imagine my mind is a thought balloon
ready to spit out another amazing tune

You might like to try it sometime
probably in the morning up until noon

It's pretty cool ya see
treating your mind like it's empty
seeing what words you can stuff into
the thought balloon routine

I know it doesn't seem like much
I guess it's better than getting stuck
in some mindless boredom trip
better to be active than to let your mind slip

Its a process to be enjoyed rather to be endured
using your mind, yeah, that thing thats so tortured

Thought balloons are used in all kinds of ways
some simple, I use em to clear my "mind haze"

Mr. Rogers benefited from them
He used thought balloons on his show
it looked cool
probably made him all kinds of dough.

Don't let this diddy scary ya
I'm not loosing my mind
just developing a regular kind of flow.

It might be out there
It might be silly
It might be stupid

I'm just interested in creating
something that's fluid

So until the next time
we re-convene
give the thought balloon idea a try
not when you are high

Try it while you are sober
don't wait until October

If at first you don't succeed
don't give up
keep trying
remember to plant the seed
you'll have accomplished an admirable deed

Come up with your own kind of code
develop a new kind of mode

If you try you just might succeed
and not end up like all the other


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