Saturday, December 01, 2007

Rap Googler

Rapping by Myself Anthology
All you Wildin MCs
there's nothing a I can't stand more
when my beats are droppin to the floor

You know what it is I'm talkin about
it's the notorious Rap Googler

Frontin, steppin all over
can't make up no material
got to steal my bizzarial

The Rap Googler is shifty
wound counter clockwise
claiming to get down, claiming to hypnotize.

Rap Googler got no gender, color, or creed
just a lacky MC
axing mommy for money
to buy more ice cream.

Rap Googler sits all day
combing through the internet
lifting all my solid riffs

If he asks me for advice
I'd say look over there
there some mighty fine cliffs!

Rap Googler reacts out of fear
can't find a beat
resorting to some "home grown stix"
always about the quick fix.

Rap Googler, I hope your listening now
If your favorite colors are
blue, purple, and pink,
this MC always knows
that your rhymes are out of sink.

Go back to your puter
and "Search" seven figure
there you will find
your way to heaven
or perhaps something even bigger.


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