Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I Drink Apple Juice

Rapping By Myself Anthology (con't)

All ya playas step aside
I'm ready to rumble
I'm ready to ride
take bite out y'all Sucka MC's hide.

Y'all can sittin right there
drinking your gin and your beer
That hooch ain't for me
I drink Apple Juice, seriously

Y'all think I've gone soft
sitting here in my loft
Let me say it a little louder
for those with brains of chowder

Apple Juice is my drink
contrary to what ya might think
Apple Juice is my middle name
Keeps me sharp, on top of my game

When I'm walkin in the hood
thinking about my afternoon snack
I stop in the local bodega
and scoop up all my loose changa

You know what I'm grabbin
it ain't no Bud or Pabst Blue Ribbon
It's my favorite drink of the Apple variety
rich in vitamins, minerals, help me with anxiety

I prefer this healthy drink
the ladies like it too
I'm stayin in my groove it's true
I prefer a healthy brew

All of you new playas to the game
listen to what I have said
Apple Juice will keep you out of the red
don't drink too much
it might make ya'll a bit crazy in your head.

I'll like the Apple Juice with crackers,
you know, I'm talking saltine,
with a a little peanut butter and jelly,
that the typical routine

And if I'm feeling really fly
I'll cut some celery and carrot sticks too
Hold on a second, I am almost through

Drink your Apple Juice
enjoy your snack as if it's your last
especially if your a Sucka MC
challengin me to a freestyle blast

If I were you, I would drink alot of Apple Juice
and every other mind altering thing
cuz my raps are gonna make ya'll dizzy
making your mind kinda fuzzy
gonna hit ya with that special zing
gonna make feel that funky freestyle sting


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