Sunday, December 02, 2007

Rap Splatter

Rapping By Myself Antholgy (con't)

This ain't no Hollywood scene
or tinsel town dream
this is ole school rippin
hamburger flippin
can see the juices drippin

Turn up the grill
do not procrastinate
my burgers are hot
my burgers are great

Once those patties
look tender and rare
break out some secret ingredients
don't tell, never share

Those patties look so good
all juicy with special flava
Hamburger Helper
was never quite a savior

Don't mess with wonder bread,
for this fine hamburger feat
you'll want a kieser roll
to complete this tasty treat

Now that this fine burger is complete
You have to clean the grill
make it tidy and neat

Until next time,
do me a favor
When your'e checkin my Rap Splatter
Bring your own dish
Bring your own platter.


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